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EWIE Group of Companies

EGC is a global leader in commodity management services and supply chain optimization with over 30 years of experience. It currently manages over 3.25 million parts comprising millions of dollars of inventory at over 243 factories globally.

Their Challenge?

EGC needed to deploy a solution that would equip employees with the skills needed to succeed. EGC’s siloed learning tools could not be integrated and did not produce the kind of employee engagement that the company needed. EGC knew they needed a holistic learning ecosystem that would facilitate upskilling employees across multiple teams, without having to deal with hard-to-use systems, broken interfaces, or manual production of essential reports.

The Answer?

To upskill with excellence and retain employees, EGC’s leaders chose Amesite – a true partner whose technology met the needs of EGC’s global teams. Amesite’s complete ecosystem simplified EGC’s upskilling strategy and streamlined execution from onboarding to content creation to analytics and beyond.

Realizing Excellence with Amesite

EGC was providing training to over 1,000 employees around the globe on a multitude of platforms that lacked high levels of engagement.

EGC’s leadership was looking to streamline and simplify their upskilling strategy and needed a sophisticated ecosystem that was scalable and provided asynchronous training to their global teams.

“We know that people are our most important resource. Having people with the most advanced skills is a huge competitive advantage for us,” said Jay Mullick, President of EWIE Group of Companies. “Amesite is at the center of all our business process training at EGC. We have appreciated their support of their team throughout the relationship. Using Amesite’s global upskilling technology platform enables our people to gain the know-how to meet our most demanding customers’ needs, quickly and efficiently.”

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Reaching Scale with Amesite

As a software company themselves, EGC understood the potential lift in building a system or in executing integrations in existing systems themselves. They knew that both would be costly and time-consuming to deploy.

Instead, EGC chose to partner with Amesite to customize a Learning Community Environment® (LCESM) for their needs. Amesite's out-of-the-box capabilities and scalability, coupled with an ability to integrate existing tools, enabled EGC’s expert training professionals to onboard over 50 courses in just 4 days.

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“Amesite’s technology relieves administrative headaches and ultimately allows us to do our jobs well. The intuitive dashboards and powerful analytics tools make managing and upskilling teams all over the world simple,” said Kasey Braun, Training and Quality Manager at EGC.

“With Amesite’s auto-enrollment feature, onboarding hundreds of users around the world within different departments and roles was seamless. Amesite has allowed us to scale training with ease. Our ecosystem requires minimum training to manage and upskill effectively. When we do need support, Amesite’s customer success team is on top of it and remedies issues quickly. They’re always there to support us – we’re so grateful for this partnership."

Achieving Engagement through Integrations 

Why were integrations so crucial for EGC? A hidden cost of launching a learning program is the aggregation of data, and creation of reports that give HR and senior leadership a true picture of the skills status of their employees. Amesite delivered custom integrations to EGC, including enterprise identity integration, autoenrollment workflows, an enterprise tool integration to a global manufacturing ERP, and flexible global dashboards that track employee progress. In partnership with Amesite, EGC delivered dozens of essential programs to multiple cross-functional teams consisting of hundreds of employees across ten countries.

EGC also needed to engage its teams to upskill them successfully and ultimately stay ahead of its competitors, by delivering programs that work. EGC’s Amesite-powered LCESM learning ecosystem has been proven effective in upskilling its employees, comfortably exceeding EGC’s expectations. Less than a quarter after courses began, employee scores were 91%, against a target of 70% for passing.

Target vs Actual v2-1

About EWIE Group of Companies

EWIE Group of Companies is a global leader in commodity management services spanning cutting tools, abrasives, special tools and industrial supplies with over 30 years of experience.

Industry: Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Company Size: >1,000

Location: Global

Software: Enterprise

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