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Amesite's Professional Online Learning Enables Universities to:

Drive Revenue and Profitability.

Meet the Needs of Large and Growing Markets

Gain expanded availability of professional non-credited courses for large, unaddressed markets of professionals.

Leverage powerful Artificial Intelligence.

Build Reputation & Impact in Cutting Edge Areas

Launch cutting-edge content, building relevance and reputation.

Solve upskilling needs with ease.

Launch with the Industry's Most Advanced EdTech

Leverage AI technology to deliver unparalleled engagement and scalability – without the need to increase staffing.

Achieve Amesite's unparalleled 98% retention rate, delivered across all industries and learning products, because AI drives user engagement.

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Repeatable Revenue

Offer in-demand online courses that enable enrollments of large numbers of professionals, starting with alumni.

Enhanced Recognition and Prestige

Build strong reputations by providing real value, that can be communicated to students, government and supporters and donors.

Continuous Launches

Efficiently deliver relevant, high-quality, branded online programs, within 24 hrs.


of the Top 50 US universities offer professional programs. 1


Alumni markets are 20x the size of undergraduate markets. 2


of CEOs are concerned about employees' lack of essential skills. 3

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