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The Henry Ford

For nearly a century, The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan has been at the forefront of using the lessons of the past to inspire the next generation of innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs.  

Their Challenge?

To increase access to The Henry Ford’s unparalleled collection of 26 MILLION primary and secondary source artifacts to provide insights into 300 years of American innovation, ingenuity and resourcefulness. And more importantly, to allow these artifacts and their stories to be translated into impactful experiences and lessons within a digital environment to impact and inspire users and educators around the globe in a powerful and engaging way. 

The Answer?

The Henry Ford partnered with Amesite to deliver inHub, a global resource and community for activating an innovative mindset. This specialized digital learning platform enables users to engage, interact and experience The Henry Ford’s collections and its stories in a whole new way. 

Creating a New Environment for Learning at The Henry Ford

The Henry Ford could have chosen to utilize an existing Learning Management System (LMS) or attempt to build, launch and manage a system on its own. But the LMS route did not offer the desired capability or flexibility. Building would have been expensive, time-consuming and pull the business away from its core strengths. It would also require very heavy investment 

Instead, The Henry Ford chose to partner with Amesite. Amesite customized their Learning Community Environment (LCE) for The Henry Ford, creating inHub, a platform that can deliver learning for multiple communities, with unmatched capability and scalability. The Henry Ford is now able to deliver to millions of learners on a system that required no new infrastructure. The system is fully managed and Powered by Amesite.  

“Initial results indicate that inHub is an unparalleled educational tool,” said Patricia Mooradian, President and CEO of The Henry Ford Museum.  “Amesite’s technology has made our system scalable, flexible, and easy-to-use so that we can fully achieve our goals of teaching and inspiring that next generation of innovators and inventors.” 

Delivering Greater Engagement through Artificial Intelligence  

inHub is powered by AI and utilizes Amesite’s technologically advanced codestack to deliver an engaging experience that enables instructors and peers to interact, and access fresh, relevant content that enhances the learning experience.  

inHub was delivered with Amesite’s natural language processing models, that utilize keywords from course topics to provide relevant and recently published news and research articles for facilitators and teachers. User feedback collected from content generation and delivery improves Amesite’s model training to provide up-to-date pertinent and practical content as part of course delivery. 

Amesite uses a combination of AI models to help determine contextual meaning, user sentiment, and behavior on the inHub platform. Analyzing user behavior helps the team at The Henry Ford understand and target the facilitation and priority of specific learning modules over others, and to assess existing course delivery methodologies and adapt to best suit learner needs.  

Sentiment analysis on user behavior helps The Henry Ford provide real-time feedback. Ultimately, these models enable development and delivery of custom curated courses, based on interest and feedback. 


Achieving Efficiency and Scale through Technology 

inHub uses a custom set of features to deliver a highly engaging and enriching learning experience. Logbook assessments, completed weekly, give learners a chance to apply their learning and receive continuous feedback from their instructors. When the course is over, they can even download a digital copy of their Logbook to take with them. A participation-based grading model to helps learners track their progress through the course. And custom engagement models keep learners interacting with each other. 

Tools built for the inHub platform also enable learners to explore the many resources and artifacts available through the Henry Ford’s collection, and easily tie these resources to their own learnings. 

inHub was architected to scale, with out-of-the-box support for hundreds of thousands of learners – and the ability to automatically scale to support millions. The Software-as-a-Service application is supported by cloud infrastructure, integrations, and toolkits that scale, making inHub a solution with limitless impact. 

Security and data privacy were also top of mind with inHub, and Amesite delivered  best-in-class compliance and policies, and protection of user data. User data is never sold nor shared and all third party integrations are evaluated against these policies with Amesite solutions. 


inHub: Built for Teacher Success 

The first offerings on inHub were for teachers. Chief Learning Officer Lucie Howell explained, “I am a teacher by heart and I come from a family of teachers, so I know educators want access to the best possible resources that inspire their students and activate their potential. inHub is the embodiment of that and Amesite’s technology is making it possible. 

The first, 8-week Model i Innovation Learning professional development course was developed using The Henry Ford Musuem’s Model i learning framework. The course was designed to take educators through the innovation journey and was aimed at developing an innovative mindset for both educators and their students to tackle problems and challenges. 

The course brought together the framework's two building blocks (Actions of Innovation & Habits of an Innovator). It provided case studies and examples of prior inventions and innovations showcased as part of THF’s collections and stories library. 

The course included: 

  • Live sessions 
  • Access to best-in-class facilitators and resources 
  • Weekly logbooks to track progress 

Educators were challenged to build unique and relevant implementation plans for themselves and their cohorts. The course provided an opportunity for educators to develop and cultivate an innovative teaching and learning mindset and to reflect on their current teaching practices. inHub also allowed for continued engagement with peers and an ongoing learning community to build on the innovative mindset. 


Lucie continues, “What differentiates inHub and the relationship we have with our partners at Amesite, is that we are creating this virtual venue with a learning community approach. The educators we work with have told us that having a place to discuss best innovative teaching practices with colleagues from across the country has been a game changer for them. And what’s really exciting, is that we are at the very early stages of what this community can be and what this partnership can create. 

The Henry Ford leverages the artificial intelligence and learning platform capabilities, powered by Amesite, to provide a single platform for learning that engages, and scales. 

About The Henry Ford

The Henry Ford provides unique educational experiences based on authentic objects, stories, and lives from America's traditions of ingenuity, resourcefulness and innovation. 

Industry: Museums & Art Galleries, Hospitality

Company Size: 501 - 1,000

Location: Dearborn, Michigan

Software: Enterprise

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