Meet the Changing Needs of Your Workforce

Build a Lasting Impact in Your Community While Helping Workforces Thrive
Forgo outdated training methods and utilize new technology to upskill your local workforce. By setting businesses up for success, you are creating a lasting impact.
Drive Workforce Success Across All Job Functions and Industries
All jobs are changing - from entry-level to executive positions, across industries. Support the workforce with relevant, lifelong learning.
The Industries Most Advanced Online Learning Infrastructure
Leverage the most powerful AI in the industry using Amesite's Online Learning Community Environment™ systems to deliver training and development quickly and easily.


“Workforce upskilling and reskilling is needed more urgently now than ever, given the evolution of the work world. We chose Amesite to support our own workforce in their professional development journey because we believe in the power of their platform to support the engagement, and ultimately the success of our teams."


Shamar Herron, Executive Director for Michigan Works! Southesast


Partnering with Michigan Works! SE

Michigan Works! Southeast serves a labor force of over 437 thousand people, helping to create connections to a better future. To effectively achieve this mission, Michigan Works SE! partnered with Amesite to ensure their workforce is future-ready. 

Michigan Works SE! found that the Amesite platform is more comprehensive, easier to use, and was implemented faster than other ed-tech solutions they considered. 

"We are excited for this partnership and believe wholeheartedly that a SaaS company with industry-leading technology such as Amesite is the best fit that ties into our organization’s value of lifelong learning, leading to the development of a sustainable workforce," said Shamar Herron, Executive Director for Michigan Works! SE.

Partnering with Michigan Works! SE
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Is Your Workforce Agency Prepared for the Future of Work?


84% of State Governors agreed that workforce development is a top priority.


70% of CEOs identify the skills gap as a threat to growth.


54% of all employees will require significant upskilling by 2022.

Local Workforces Rely on You

Workforce development agencies must prepare to support the future of work as organizations enter a new digital era. Inside, you will find insights about:

The current state of the workforce

How work patterns are adapting

Who is advancing their local workforce successfully

How you can fulfill your agencies mission

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